Thursday, 29 December 2016

Day 8

8th Day
What are your favourite things to do in the summer time?

On a summer day i would want to go skating around the block and the maybe go to the pools play around, go to the movies but usually i like to get my little purse bag with my phone tiny first aid pack my library card and money and then get my scooter and ride to the library.And leave my scooter in the door way of the library out of the way of the people and the go inside i'll read some books reserve a computer and then i'll hop on my scooter i might ride around the shops get lunch from McDonald's and then go back to the library and a computer should be free i do stuff on the computer for a few minutes and then just ride around get a snack and head back home.


Rachel Williams said...

Hi Serenity,

It sounds like you send a lot of time at the local library. That's great! I do that, too. In fact, I often bring Aronui (my son) up to our local branch in Titirangi to borrow books or to participate in the 'Dare to Explore' summer programme. Did you participate in Dare to Explore this year?

Rachel :)

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